I’m 32 years old and have lived and worked as a career salesperson in Chicago, IL since 2012. I work at Stripe as a Sales Development Program Manager. 

I’ve worked in various companies and roles within tech, including: Enterprise Digital Ad Sales (Yelp), Mid-Market Sales and Outbound Sales Management (x3 cybersecurity companies - managed security services, automation, and training), Lead Generation (consulting), and most recently, Sales Development Program Management.


 My primary focus in these roles has been new customer acquisition via outbound sales prospecting either as an individual contributor or manager. Before getting into tech I spent 4 years in the logistics industry as a broker in a cold call heavy environment.

Since March 2019 I’ve hosted a weekly, interview-style podcast that features audio case studies of outbound sales campaigns. The name of the podcast is “Outbound Metrics” (the gist: audio case studies of outbound sales campaigns) and you can find a link to it on this website as well as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and several other major podcast directories.

If you want to see more of my content, you can check out my podcast, follow my LinkedIn,, or sign up for my weekly newsletter where I share the latest outbound sales technology, strategy, and case studies from around the web.